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Our regular API endpoint automatically routes you to the API endpoint that is closest to you.

If one of our API endpoints is down, you can switch to the other one to keep your App running. If you need help with that, please email

You can also programmatically access our online status by issuing a GET request to

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You can also programmatically access our queue times by issuing a GET request to

US-East Live Queues

If you use direct file uploads, your assembly's encoding jobs are put into our live traffic queues for very fast processing. If you have many concurrent assemblies, however, jobs may be thrown into the batch queues to not affect other customers in a bad way.

US-East Batch Queues

If you are using our import robots to import more than 2 files at a time, all derived jobs will be thrown into our batch queues. Items from batch queues are only encoded if all live queues are empty. Also a certain percentage of our machine capacity is always reserved for live jobs.

EU-West Live Queues

EU-West Batch Queues